Global Membrane Electrode Assemblies Market by Manufacturers, Countries, Type and Application, Forecast to 2022

Market Scenario

The Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) is the core component of a fuel cell that helps produce the electrochemical reaction needed to separate electrons. On the anode side of the MEA, a fuel (hydrogen, methanol etc.) diffuses through the membrane and is met on the cathode end by an oxidant (oxygen or air) which bonds with the fuel and receives the […]

Table of Contents

Table of Contents 1 Market Overview 1.1 Membrane Electrode Assemblies Introduction 1.2 Market Analysis by Type 1.2.1 3-layer MEA 1.2.2 5-layer MEA 1.2.3 Other 1.3 Market Analysis by Applications 1.3.1 Hydrogen Fuel Cells 1.3.2 Methanol Fuel Cells

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