Global Friction Stir Welding Equipment Market by Manufacturers, Countries, Type and Application, Forecast to 2022

Market Scenario

Friction stir welding ( FSW ) is a solid-state joining process that uses a non-consumable tool to join two facing workpieces without melting the workpiece material. Heat is generated by friction between the rotating tool and the workpiece material, which leads to a softened region near the FSW tool. While the tool is traversed along the joint line, […]

Table of Contents

Table of Contents 1 Market Overview 1.1 Friction Stir Welding Equipment Introduction 1.2 Market Analysis by Type 1.2.1 Desktop Equipment 1.2.2 Gantry Equipment 1.2.3 Others 1.3 Market Analysis by Applications 1.3.1 Aerospace 1.3.2 Automotive

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