Nigeria is powerless in manufacturing fuel-powered cars to fulfill the domestic demands and is facing a huge shortfall in the nation’s electricity supply but despite all these issues, the NADDC (National Automotive Design and Development Council) suggested that they are making a strategy and are all set to develop an electric car policy to prepare the country for the production and utilization of electric vehicles.

The Director-General of NADDC, Jelani Aliyu admitted in a statement that the council is working on creating the policy to promote the adoption and utilization of electric cars in the nation.

Aliyu also added that Inputs from pertinent stakeholders are also taken into consideration before the final documentation is prepared to submit for the government’s approval.

Jelani told about their progress that how they are actively in touch with global automobile producers such as Ford, BMW, Nisan, Volkswagen, Toyota. This activity has taken place in order to set up operations to manufacture brand new cars domestically and also create recruitment for Nigerian people.

Automotive Council is enthusiastically supporting local automotive manufacturers. Some well-known companies are already set in the nation to produce vehicles like Nissan, Honda, Ford, and Yutong. Innoson is manufacturing its own brand vehicles in Nnewi, while Peugeot in Kaduna has launched latest models, Aliyu said.
According to him, NADDC was in process to build 3 test centers in Enugu, Lagos, and Zaria in order to produce world class cars.

NADDC unveiled that they were also working on constructing automotive supplier parks in Oshogbo, Kaduna, and Nnewi which would concentrate only on the production of automotive components.

For this purpose, the council stated that it was engaging the NAACAM (National Association of Automotive Component and Allied Manufacturers) from South Africa that supplies the giant global automotive companies to assist and promote the parks as a part of other international technical partners.

It was also revealed that for local capacity building, NADDC has donated mechatronic equipment to many tertiary institutions like Federal Polytechnic Kaduna, Lagos State Polytechnic, and Federal Science and Technical College Orozo.

Aliyu recalled that the NADDC (National Automotive Design and Development Council) had prepared a notable National Automotive Industrial Development Plan while on the other hand, it is aired that the National Assembly has passed it as a legislation to support domestic automotive manufacturing.

To ensure the easy purchase on reasonable rates of these vehicles, NADDC is currently working with many significant stakeholders to offer vehicle financing schemes to Nigerians so that they won’t have to put down 100 percent cash while purchasing new cars.

Aliyu expressed his desire of living in a nation where latest cars are easily accessible to all Nigerians.


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