• What basically Market Research Facts is?

The Marketing Research Facts is counted in the top of the largest collections of market research reports from different publishers. We own a talented and dedicated industry specialists team that offers balanced insights on the reports to fulfill the requirements of our clients.

  • Why Should You Use Market Research Facts?

The Market Research Facts provides an in-depth collection of various competitive intelligence market research reports from numerous global publishers. The research specialists possess a comprehensive knowledge of the current industry and also holds years of experience in the same. We lead in the market when it comes to the quality.

  • How to Use Market Research Facts? What Process to buy reports from Market Research Facts?

An individual can start with finding the relevant keyword to the market or browse research by topics of markets. On the outcome of pertinent results appeared on your screen, hit a click on the title to get a complete view of the extensive product info that includes a summary and table of content. Buying the report from the website is quite easy. What you need to do is to just click on the ‘buy now’ option and choose the copy (single user or multi-user). Follow the mentioned visible options or you are provided a number to make a call on for further assistance. You can talk to our industry specialists. They would assist you in finding the best report fulfilling your requirements and aid you to answer any type of question-related to your research.

  • What kind of research reports do you provide?

We provide both types of reports i.e. customized and syndicated market research reports to the clients. The reports we offer features the quantitative and qualitative research of various markets, industries, companies. The length of a report comprises 50-100 pages which basically include exhaustive company base and profile, market dynamics and market forecast. All the reports are stand-alone studies which are made available by us in PDF forms.

  • Who makes the Reports?

At the Market ResearchFacts, all the market research reports are produced by a huge number of leading international publishers and research firms.

  • What is the Price of a report?

The cost of any research study leans on different essential factors such as the length of the study, number of major interviews to be held for completion of the study, accessibility of information via secondary research, and viability of the niche.

  • What is the Payment Mode?

For users, willing to purchase market research reports online, we are open to Paypan, Wire Transfer and Debit and Credit cards.

  • How you define single user, multi-user and enterprise license?

A Single User License permits an individual to access the report which must not be shared with any other employees within a company.

Purchasing a Multi-User License, as defines by its name, it grants access to a particular report for two to five users but within a similar department in the same company.

The Ultimate License called ‘Enterprise License’ allows the user to get a wide-audience for that specific report. It includes subsidiary companies along with other companies within a single group of companies.


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